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Remy vs Non Remy Hair – What Is The Difference?

Hair extensions are all the same right? Wrong. Being naive when I first started wearing them, I had no idea that there were so many different varieties of quality. The most common terms used in hair extension terminology is Remy (or as some people write Remi) vs. Non Remy hair.

Remy hair is generally more expensive. It is hair that is shaved off the donors head and bundled in such a manner that all the hair is kept in one direction. By doing so, the cuticles of the hair do not get roughed up as much and stay smooth. This is supposed to help with matting, especially in humid temperatures or after washing.

Remy hair is a must if you intend on wearing your extensions a lot or having the more permanent versions put in. Non Remy hair can be just as good, and is available in Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

I have had good experiences with Non Remy hair, but extra care should be taken such as storing flat after use and not washing them too much. I recommend Non Remy hair for special events or weddings as the intent is to wear the extensions on occasion and not every day. I personally find that Non Remy hair hold curls better.