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How to Get Back Smoothness to Hair Extensions After Washing

Everyone knows when you first get a pack of clip on hair extensions they are smooth and shinny, but once you wash them they go back to their natural state which is not always so nice. This is mostly because the hair is ironed with a industrial strength flat iron and sprayed with a silicone coating.

If the quality of hair is good, you can get it back to a smooth shine. Care should be taken with washing, trying not to rough up the hair too much (as this could lead to tangling and eventually the falling out of the hair when trying to comb out). A big wig retailer in Vancouver recommends the “swooshing” of hair from one end of the bath tub to the other. Use a good creamy shampoo and conditioner, they don’t have to be expensive. I really like the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Line. I hear that dove shampoos and conditioners are really good for hair extensions as well. Once hair is washed, press with a towel to absorb most of the moisture, when hair is damp (not super wet) comb with a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Start at the bottom and work your way up, once tangle free let the hair extensions air dry. Some people like to add a bit of oil or serum to the hair (just a bit) to the damp hair before it is fully dried.

Next you will need a flat iron, one that gets really hot, I recommend 400 degrees because the hair is usually Asian hair and needs really high heat. You will also need a flat iron spray, something that adds shine and a bit of hold. I have used a few good drug store brands as well as salon brands, I recommend experimenting to see what works the best with the hair extensions you are working with. Flat iron one piece at a time, spraying a section with the flat iron spray so it is damp and slowly running the flat iron down the hair (but not too slow so it burns!). You should repeat this step until the hair is smooth. Flat iron the remaining sections of the piece and continue to do the whole set. Once the set is completely flat ironed, I like to add a bit more shine by spraying a lite silicone spray. An affordable one that I really like that sprays super fine and is not greasy is got2b dazzling shine spray. I bought mine at Walmart. Just to spray it too close or you will make the hair greasy.

Run the flat iron down the hair extensions one more time to seal in the shine. Make sure you store your clip in extensions flat or they will get wavy.

Voila, your hair extensions should (hopefully) be back to its original condition. This technique will work a few times, but eventually your extensions will need to be replaced. Generally they last 4 months, but with minimal washing and wear can last up to 6+ months. I recommend to only wash the clip on’s only if necessary to extend their life.