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Review of Halo One Piece Hair Extension

We get asked on a regular basis by companies wanting us to try their products. One I tried recently was the “halo extension”. It is very popular in the United Kingdom (UK) as well as Australia.

It’s basically a one piece hair extension that is attached end to end by a clear plastic thread almost like fishing wire. The idea is that you are supposed to put it on your head (like a halo) and cover the plastic wire with your own hair. This is done by using the metal end of a teasing comb to gently lift small sections of your own hair up and over the wire.

The pieces are generally 100 grams or hair weight. That is almost the same weight of most standard clip on hair extension sets however the piece appears to be much thicker. The piece seems to be thicker because the hair is concentrated into one piece and is not sectioned into smaller individual pieces.

Now, overall it’s a really novel idea and great if you don’t want to wear a lot of small pieces on your head. It’s great if you have thick hair, because the concentration of hair makes the piece appear thicker. All in all, I did really enjoy this product; however there are a few things to note:

When you first get it, the wire is quite large. It is like that to enable you to customize the size of the wire (when I say wire, it’s not an actual wire it’s the plastic thread as mentioned above). The industry likes to refer to it as a “wire”, so don’t be confused.

Now, this I found to be a little daunting. You can either cut or untie the knot on the one side (the wire is attached to a single micro ring sewn on each end). Then you have to measure it against the circumference of your own head cutting off the excess and tying it back to the micro ring with a secure knot. If found this to be a bit challenging to do by myself. At first I kept making it too big, then on my final attempt I made it way too small. So I had to hunt around my garage to find some new fishing line to use and started the process over again. The second time around I asked a friend to help me measure it and hold their finger of where I should tie the new knot. Once the knot was tied it slipped out a few times.

Once everything was secure, and I finally placed it on my head, I used my teasing comb to pull out the section over the top of my head. This was easy enough, however I did need to hold a mirror to the back to see what I was doing. After it was in, I was a bit paranoid the knots were going to slip out again (can you imagine? You’re wearing it, and then snap!). So I did some searching and found a girl on YouTube who recommended using a small clip in wefts on each side to keep the wire in place and make the whole piece feel secure. I used my 2” pieces that I have from my clip in human hair extension set.

Now, the piece being as thick as it is was a little wide from my liking. I have very fine hair, and can’t really get away with wearing anything too high up the crown of my head.

So I had to wear the piece much lower than some people. Because it’s so wide and thick it looked really poufy on the sides. Not really a look I was going for. So I took off the wire, and resized the entire piece by cutting off some of one side and re-sewing the ring back on in addition to re-attaching the wire. I experience this alot, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to do. And it is better to have a piece a bit too wide then too short in width. I talk about customizing hair extension pieces in another write up.

 Once I made the weft smaller, it was more natural looking and better suited towards me. However, this particular one piece is still a bit too thick for my fine hair, even after re-sizing it. I think if it was a lesser hair weight, it would work better for my hair type (blonde, thin, fine hair). I would estimate 70 to 80 grams would work better for my hair.

But as I am sure you are aware, everybody has different hair types and preferences. So this may or may not work for you. At the end of the day, because the hair is concentrated on the one area, I did find it a little heavy after wearing it while. I am guessing that this is because the hair is not disbursed evenly on the head as is the case when you stagger clip in hair extensions. But it’s great for events or nights out.

All in all, I don’t think I would purchase this for myself again, I just couldn’t get passed the paranoia of it slipping out of my hair and landing on the floor lol. Even with having the 2” anchor clip in pieces on each side of my head. I think in the future I will stick to making my own one pieces from my regular clip in hair extension sets. I will write more information on how to do that another day.