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Different Quality of Hair Extensions

There are several different types of quality when it comes to the grades of human hair used to make hair extensions. Generally they are in Grades, Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Some companies claim to have AAA quality hair, but that is generally a marketing claim.

Grade A, is the highest quality, shaved from the donors head, and it can be Remy or Non-Remy (to read about the difference click here). The hair quality is smooth, and sleek and can withstand several washings.

Grade B, is also shaved from the donor, but is not as smooth as Grade A hair. This type of hair is more affordable and is usually coated with silicone to give it a smooth appearance. Great for one time wear, however the minute you wash this type of hair the silicone coating gets washed away revealing frizzy hair that tangles easily.

Grade B hair is the hair that you find in cheap sets from China for around $25 to $40. Grade B is an affordable way to try clip on hair extensions, but I definitely do not recommend washing them.

Grade C hair is generally a mix of human hair with synthetic hair. It is much cheaper than Grade A and B hair sets. There are positive and negative aspects to mixed sets. Positives are that you can get a really long and thick set that looks pretty natural for a one time event without breaking the bank. The negative side is that you can’t really curl them at a very high heat, and dying the set is out of the question. Mixed hair is generally only found in clip on type hair extension sets and should not be considered for more permanent applications.