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Make a really cute easy bun in your hair with hair donuts

I was in H&M standing in line, and noticed hair donuts. I saw them few times actually, and one day thought “hey why not”. So I bought one for $5. I believe they come in various sizes but I got the small one because I have very thin fine hair. I was a little skeptical because I bought a fake bun before off of eBay and it was totally fake looking and I never wore it (it was synthetic hair and super shiny). Anyway I tried it at home and loved it! I was super easy to put in and quick too. I am totally going to try it for the office tomorrow.

How it works is you put your hair in a regular pony tail (as high or low as you like), then you put your pony tail in the donut hole and then spread your hair around the donut with one hand then put an elastic over the top. After that I twisted the loose ends around the base and secured with a few bobby pins. It takes a little practice but I was surprised at how good my regular hair covered the bun (again it was the small hair donut).

I did see a few gaps but they were easily fixed after, also the hair donuts come in various colors ranging from light blonde, light brown, dark brown and black. I gave my hair bun a messy look by pulling out random stray hairs around. I didn’t want look like a ballerina lol

I think next time I am going to try it with a 6 inch clip in hair extension weft to give it more thickness and oomph. A single hair weft shouldn’t be too thick and look really natural. Anyway, if you are like me and really want to try a sophisticated bun “look” and have a hard time achieving it you should definitely try these cute hair donuts.