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Feather Hair Extensions – Fad for the birds?

I first heard of feather hair extensions a few months ago from a colleague at work. They kept going on and on about how popular they were, I have to be honest I never heard of them so I googled what they were. When I saw a few photos I couldn’t understand its appeal so I dismissed it. I wasn’t until I got my hair done the other day that my stylist mentioned how popular they have become and how she used to buy the feathers from a fly fishing tackle shop but since they have become so popular they have been increasingly hard to find.

That made me super interested so I decided to find out more, apparently they are real feathers from a roosters tail, and the striped ones otherwise known as “grizzly” feathers are the ones people wear in their hair. The feathers are attached with a hair extension micro loop link which is basically a small metal ring which is used along with pliers to clamp down the feather on a small piece of hair. The feathers can be their natural color or dyed electric colors such as neon blue, bright pink, and purple.

You can wear one or wear several in your hair. Because the grizzly rooster is a natural fiber it can be washed, curled and flat iron and can last up to 4 months. There are several on eBay and tend to fetch quite the dollar. Several web sites are having trouble keeping them in stock and as a result there is quite the shortage. I read on one blog that fly fishermen are very unhappy about this recent trend as it has driven up the cost of the feathers needed for fly fishing.

Another blog wrote that there is a world wide shortage of these feathers. The demand of the feathers have even gave way to several scams. Alibaba the popular B2B web site has several postings of the rooster feather hair extensions originating from several parts of Africa. A quick scan of their member forum shows several customers being ripped off hundreds of dollars and not receiving their feathers. Some animal rights activists are even stepping in. Crazy!