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How To Customize Weft Widths Of Your Clip In Hair Extensions

As you know clip in human hair extensions sets come with several pieces in varying widths. They vary from 9” to 8”, 6”, 3”, 2”, 1” and so on. Everybody has a different sized and shape of head, and also have different preferences as to what they would like the widths to be.

Me personally, I prefer smaller widths as appose to wider ones. This is mainly because I have fine hair and find that the clip in’s hide better at the nape of neck and not so much at the top of my head.

Generally, the widths are designed to be smaller ones at the nape of neck and get wider as they are staggered up the back of the head. Smaller 3”, 2” and 1” pieces are generally for the sides and to fill in any gaps. Now this is a general idea of how it’s designed to fit, but everybody has their own preference and look that they are trying to achieve.

Now in my experience, some prefer really wide widths so that they can be wrapped around the head temple to temple creating a fuller look all around the head, but others prefer smaller widths in the back and using the fill in pieces for the sides. Again it’s a personal preference.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to cater to each individual customer’s personal preference with the sets we sell, as they are massed produced and not customized to each individual. But there are ways to cut and change the size of your widths if you find that they are too wide for your liking.


What you will need:

  1. Seam ripper (or scissors), something to help remove the sewn in clips
  2. Glue, white glue is not recommended. Lepage super glue works good, or crazy glue works as well
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle and thread


First start by removing the clip at one end only. Then measure how much you want to cut off. Take your scissors and snip off the undesired section. Try to line up the scissors so it cuts in between a line of hair. Discard undesired piece, or save for an additional one. Gently tug at the fresh cut end to pull out stay hairs that will be shedding because of the cut weft. Don’t pull too much, just a few. We will then seal the cut end with glue. Add a drop of glue to a piece of paper and dap the end of the cut weft into the glue. Try not to get glue on the hair. Remember just a quick dab should do it. Now put the weft aside and let the glue dry overnight.

Once dry examine the side to see if it’s sealed sufficiently. If not you can dab it again. Now you can sew the clip back on the end. Have a look at the other clip to get a general idea of how it’s sewed. It’s really pretty easy to do, and if you mess up it can’t be seen when worn in your hair.

Now the middle clip will not be centred, you can remove it and re-sew it in the centre if you like. Or leave as is if you are not super picky. Now with the extra piece you cut off you can seal the ends and attach clips if you like or discard.


Voila! You have now customized the wefts of your 100% human hair clip on hair extension set!